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 Spencer Hastings

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Aantal berichten : 34
Registratiedatum : 04-01-13

Character sheet
Naam: Spencer Hastings
Reden van plaatsing: Waanideeën, stem in haar hoofd, een beetje onhandelbaar.

BerichtOnderwerp: Spencer Hastings   vr jan 04, 2013 9:59 am

:: Spencer Hastings
:: 19 years old
:: Female
:: Disturbia Village
:: 21-3

:: Paranoia :: She has the idea somebody wants to take revenge on her. She also believes that she is in danger of being seriously injured or killed.
:: Voice in her head :: She explains a voice in her head telling her what she should do, she believes it is her friend that past away.
:: Unruly behaviour :: She causes problems around town and shows very bad behaviour.

:: Dark brown hair
:: Brown eyes
:: Slim build, tall
:: She tries to make sure that her outfit and hair is close to perfect.

:: Smart :: Spencer Hastings is very smart, she uses her knowledge when needed, it’s hard to outsmart her.
:: Rebellious :: She tends to show rebellious behaviour, this can be problematic in several situations.
:: Friendly :: The patient is able to show friendly behaviour, mostly towards other teenagers.

:: Spencer Hastings grew up in Disturbia Village with her father, mother and little sisters. Her parents are quite and rich seem to have high expectations of their daughter. She never showed any problems growing up, her grades were outstanding and she participated in many out of school activities. It’s known that she befriended a group of girlx. A girl named Allison DiLaurentes seemed to be the leader of the group. She started to be more rebellious after that. She skipped classes, didn’t go to church on Sundays and started stealing every now and then. Tough, she still managed to keep her grades as high as before. The problems became bigger when the leader of the group died. Spencer Hastings became even more rebellious and she began to do weird stuff. Later she explained that she needed to do it, or she would die otherwise. A voice in her head, calling itself A, was telling her what to do. Probably referring to Allison DiLaurentes, the friend that always had a leader role, probably also in their friendship. It became worse and worse and it went fast after that. She hade some appointments with a psychologist and they found out she had some serious mental disorders. Spencer Hastings came into Disturbia Clinic.

If I had ten hours to chop a tree, I would spend eight hours sharpening my axe.
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Spencer Hastings
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