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 Samuel Whitlock

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BerichtOnderwerp: Samuel Whitlock   za feb 02, 2013 4:20 pm

Theme song

Name: Samuel Whitlock
Age: 21
Date of birth: 08-12-1991
Birthplace: San Francisco – The U.S. of A
Gender: Male
Reason for placement: Actually there are multiple reasons, which I don’t prefer to share right now, so..
Family: There’s no one left.
Love interest: Nope. Don’t really desire to have one either.
Children: Oh God no!
Sexual Orientation: Straight. I ain’t no rainbow.


Haircolor: Black
Eyecolor: Baby blue
Physique: Pretty average, though note that a sixpack is included. ^^
Extra: Well I often wear a black, leather jacket and I have several tattoos all over my body.

Oh Gosh, I always hate this part.. Alright then. Let’s see… How would I describe myself? Hm, well I guess it’s kinda obvious that I’m not your average guy, otherwise I wouldn’t be stranded here, right? And furthermore I’m not exactly a sweet ‘fairytale prince’ either. I absolutely love to play the bad guy. I could say things that’d hurt you right into your very soul, make you cry in a second.
There’s still some good left in me though. Even if I don’t want to, sometimes I do care about people, about...things. Once you’ve found my weak spot and really get to me, I find it surprisingly hard to remove you from my heart. Err..but don’t tell anyone I said that! ‘Cause I hate it when people see me all 'sensitive' like that.
What else? Ah yes. I love women. All kinds of women. Short women, thin women, big women, naughty women... Women, women, women. Don’t know if you can call that a trait, but it’s certainly part of me. So I may not be a hero in general, yet for a moment, even just for one night, I could be YOUR hero (unless you’re a guy reading this. If that’s the case: Dude, don’t even think about it!
…Argh! You thought about it. I can see it in your eyes. Anyway…moving on.)
You can also call me impatient, stubborn, sly, intelligent (Hehe, sorry. I just had to put that there), daring, rude and err...unpredictable. Yeah, that’s about it I think.

Once upon a time there was a single mom. She didn’t have a dime to spare, yet a little kid to feed. The daddy had left the mommy all alone before their child even opened his eyes for the first time. Miraculously the mom managed to survive and raise her son for the most part. The boy grew up in a time of struggle. Together with his parent he lived in the bad part of town, watching the criminals doing their thing on the streets for the big bucks while he was taught to save every penny out of fear of starving someday. The kid didn’t go to school. Instead he took two rather insignificant side jobs when he was barely ten years old.
To top it off the infinite misery caused his mother to go more disordered every day. Within two more years she transformed from a loving, caring mother to a complete…nut job. One nigh the police invaded their home out of necessity, took the mom away and brought her son somewhere else. She died a week later in hospital due to exposure to excessive stress and both physical and mental exhaustion.
In short: the boy never saw his mother alive again. From the age of twelve he was tossed between several orphanages and foster homes. But no one seemed capable of putting up with him for more than two months in a row. People began to fear that there was something terribly wrong with the kid too. When one met him, he seemed careless and free, just like any normal child, but when you looked closer, you could be able to discover the true darkness of his heart. You could see the threat he actually was to society.
He was locked away several times, though it has never been proved that the boy (soon to be 'young man') was indeed ‘evil’ and/or mentally ill. Even the experts didn’t know what to do with him. At first they kept trying, kept testing him, but in the end they just decided to give up on him and therefore putting him away, like he’d never even existed.
And they all lived happily ever after…

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Samuel Whitlock
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