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 Tobias Eaton

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Aantal berichten : 84
Registratiedatum : 23-02-13

Character sheet
Naam: Tobias Eaton
Partner: -
Reden van plaatsing: Woedeaanvallen.

BerichtOnderwerp: Tobias Eaton   za feb 23, 2013 2:49 am

Nickname >> Four
First name >> Tobias
Last name >> Eaton
Full name >> Tobias Eaton
Sexe >> Male
Age >> 17

<< FAMILY >>
Father >> Marcus Eaton
Mother >> Evelyn (Prior) Eaton << R.I.P. >>
The rest of is family is unknown for him.

Hair color >> Dark-blond
Hairstyle >> A little bit shaggy and fuzzy.
Length >> 189 cm
Weight >> 80 kg
Build >> He’s quite long, he looks, and is, very strong and is in good shape because of training.
Extra >> He has a tattoo on his right shoulder.

He has problems with his anger management. His father declares that the boy has gone mad after the death of his mother, with happened when he was only nine. He wouldn’t speak to others anymore and when he became older, he would get in trouble a lot of times. Also, he attacked several of people, and tried to run away from home several times. They find that he is a threat to the society and himself.

<< INSIDE >>
Four is a quiet guy who tends to make himself look scarier than he really is. He wears some sort of mask around other people, and if someone irritates him he won’t doubt to let the person stop with whatever he or she is doing. Also, he always looks like he doesn’t really care about anything, but how he acts on the outside, is somewhat different then the inside. All the things he does are just to protect himself and to forget his fears. You could say that he is Four from the outside, and Tobias from the inside. Even tough he is hard to crack, he still has some weak points. If it would ever be so that he comes to care about a person, he would do anything to protect that person. At one point, he could probably be able to let Four drop and be Tobias with that person.

<< PAST >>
Tobias –in that time he still carried that name- grew up in a normal family. With a loving, caring mother and a father that wishes you the best in the world. His father was somewhat more strict then usually every now and then, but he loved his son, he truly did. Evelyn, Tobias’ mother worked part time at the bakery a few blocks away and his father had an important position at a school as a student councilor. He also volunteered at the church to learn children about god and believing in him. A perfect little family is how you could call it. Sadly, everything changed when Tobias was around the age of ten. His mother died in a car accident and his father changed, in a bad way. It started with screaming over little things, then every now and then, his father couldn’t control his anger and he punched him. Tobias was scared, his father, who once was so caring and always wanted the best for him, was now full of hate and anger. Tobias was the only one to notice because Marcus didn’t seem to change for the other people. But he was a hell for Tobias. It only took him a year to become a monster, he seemed to like the fact that Tobias was scared, and that he could just control his son. He now also had someone to release his frustration to. He was powerful when he held the belt in his hand and commanded Tobias to gow upstairs to Tobias’ room. So the blood wouldn’t drip on the white carpet. He enjoyed that Tobias almost felt like dying when he put him in the closet as a punishment. He was a monster.
With time passing, Tobias changed. He didn’t talk to anyone anymore, and when he got older, he started taking his frustrating out on other people who irritated him. He felt bad, knowing that at those times, the only difference between him and his father was that he was sorry for what he did. It was at that time when he began naming himself Four. He was thinking about his fear over his father, and realized that eh only had four serious fears. The name Four reminds him of them, but more important, it reminds him that eh has to be brave. It got worse and worse, and after he tried to attack his own father, he was sent to Disturbia. Nobody would ever think that Marcus, a monster himself, created a monster.


Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up.
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Tobias Eaton
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